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Feng Shui Family

 Feng Shui Family

Title : Feng Shui Family / 風水世家
Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: Family
Episodes:     100+
Broadcast Year: 2012-07-17
Status: On Air
English Subtitle: No

Synopsis :

Piercing the sky, bent over rice, neon little bit, high roof of legislation, from quiet villages to bustling urban jungle, nowhere more than played out the vicissitudes of life; it evolved over time, due to different personalitydifferent options, different environments, creating a different fate. However, various different, but generally like the fate of the fate and arrangements intertwined with, and perhaps sparks, and perhaps each other to suppress, perhaps joy, perhaps sad, perhaps bright, perhaps the dark ... perhaps too many, are quietly drawing the world the way everyone, enjoy realized that a section of their own love to complain disputes, joys and sorrows, ups and downs and twists and turns, affection, true feelings about love, friendship ...

  • 陳美鳳,
  • 梅芳,
  • 陳松勇,
  • 馬如風,
  • 林在培,
  • 劉秀雯,
  • 趙心妍,
  • 翁家明,
  • 蔡阿炮,
  • 王中皇,
  • 游安順,
  • 張倩,
  • 柯叔元,
  • 侯怡君,
  • 林逸欣,
  • 李興文,
  • 鄭仲茵,
  • 傅子純,
  • 楚宣,
  • 江俊翰,
  • 蘇晏霈,
  • 王建復,
  • 白家綺,
  • 王瞳,
  • 張書偉,
  • 艾成,
  • 夏政峰,
  • 張芯瑜,
  • 爆爆,
  • 高志宏

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