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Painted Skin 2

 Painted Skin 2/ Hua Pi 2/ Wa Pei 2

Title : Painted Skin 2/Hua Pi 2/Wa Pei 2

Country: China/Hongkong
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller, Fantasy

Synopsis :

Britain in the north of the north offerings of a secluded mountain, an ice hell, which is said to imprisoned demons, the top of the ice years is not based. Here, in addition to birds, no creatures came. Hundred years ago, a fox spirit into the ice of hell, in the cold and being tortured, because she saved the lives of the people using the Millennium demon spirit, broken the rules of demon world. She said she had seen the most beautiful things of the earth. Rumors, "during the solar eclipse of the moment, day and night confusion, reversal of yin and yang, chaos, back to life, Simon each other become the only moment if the demon would like to transform into the adult, someone must voluntarily heart dedicated to the demon, the demon spirit financial into this heart, and the people together as one ...


  •     Zhao Wei
  •     Zhou Xun
  •     Chen Kun
  •     Yang Mi
  •     William Feng
  •     Fei Xiang
  •     Chen Tingjia
  •     Kara Hui
  •     Dong Weijia
  •     Ke Tong
  •     Lenox Lu


Chen Kuo-Fu

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